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Project Analysis

Project analysisProject Analysis

At Iceberg Consultancy Services, we under take Complete or Department wise Project Analysis. When the hospital need to grown to next level, in order to serve the requirement of their patient and move forward to next level, we join hand with them to improve and improvise in standards according to NABH Accreditation norms. So the process becomes easier and save both time & money you invest in your new venture.


Analysis for Expansion projects

An Hospital, from small scale, when they take the next step, we come into play. As a consultancy, we first do a Diagnostic Study at your existing premises and will provide you with detailed report about your hospital. That report will give a “The Third Eye” about your hospital. The process starts with department wise inspection and filling in the required standards according to NABH Standard. For hospitals, which are in full Accreditation, adding new department will be done with same standards. Even a single department can be upgraded, along with Nabh Standard, when you go in this method.

Analysis for New projects

Hospital with any level of NABH Accreditation or any new upcoming hospital which requires NABH Accreditation, will come under this. We will play a major roll, from the day of planning your hospital. Starting from dimensions of rooms and facilities till the final finishing, we will help you in each and every step. All our process will be in accordance to NABH standard. After which getting a NABH Accreditation will be a cake walk for your concern. Not only this, we also help you in find the right place for your hospital, do a primary market research, socio-economic study and provide you with a detailed report.

Determining a Project’s Cash Flows
When beginning capital-budgeting analysis, it is important to determine the cash flows of a project. These cash flows can be segmented as follows:

1. Initial Investment Outlay
These are the costs that are needed to start the project, such as new equipment, installation, etc.

2. Operating Cash Flow over a Project’s Life
This is the additional cash flow a new project generates.

3. Terminal-Year Cash Flow
This is the final cash flow, both the inflows and outflows at the end of the project’s life, such as potential salvage value at the end of a machine’s life.