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About Us

nabl nabh— About us —

Iceberg consultancy Services was a brain child of Dr. Aravind.K and Dr. Durga Priya P , who where into the field of quality in Hospital. ICS was started with a ambition to increase the standard & quality of hospital in India. With a vision of  “Achieving Quality stranded in all dimension”, ICS helps hospitals in achieving the same. Main reason behind  starting ICS  is to role the Health care System towards the Quality by keeping in mind that Health care System should move towards the dimension of quality. Iceberg Consultancy services (ICS) was initiated in dimension to increase the Quality in health care Services and to be in harmony with quality & service. And first time in India we are produe to introduce ONLINE SUPPORT for NABH/NABL accreditation. ICs not only touch the Quality in accreditation, it also move internal Quality which will be beyond the accreditation. In order to bring in harmony with quality and service, not only standards help, but also other dimensions, hence ICS will help hospital to achive it by rendering other services like Man Power Analysis and Recruitment, Project Analysis,Market Analysis.

vision mission nabh

— Our Policy —

“To provide the Optimum and professional touch to the Health care organization in order to reach the Deep of Quality in Health care “

— Our Vision —

Continuously grow and create value in all hospitals across India, focusing on patient safety and quality of healthcare  and to achieve Global standards of Quality.

                                                — Our Mission —

Reaching out all hospital in India delivering quality standards and establish the same in each & every department, based upon
national/international standards,through process of self and external evaluation.